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PSAI-Philippines has launched the Club 330
July, 2007, the 330 Feet Depth Diver's Club


Hall of Fame

Arthur Kam - a young man in government service, a scuba instructor, and Tec Diver certified by Simon 2 years ago. Arthur made booking for his Trimix Diver courses a year ago and after exploring the 100 meter deep sea in Puerto Galera on Nov 26, now the newest club member.
Jackie, Wu Ming Chuen – a PADI / NUAI / TDI / DSAT Instructor with almost 30 years of diving experience. He is also the Chairman of HongKong Underwater Archaeological Association (HKUAA). Three HKUAA officers and Trimix diver are trained by Simon and Jackie is the First to join the Club.
Lance Robb - a qualified Commercial Pilot and Formation flying team member of North Queensland Warbirds at Mareeba. He is also a Scuba Instructor and owner of Closed Circuit Divers in Great Barrier Reef-the sole Megalodon CCR Dealer for the East Coast of Australia. Lance completed his Megalodon CCR Mixed Gas Level III diver course Last October.
Wallace Leung - PSAI Tech Dive Instructor and CCR diver, also a frequence visitor of Puerto Galera. Wallace logged some training dives to 100 meters and 120 meters with Simon that makes him the Recorded Deepest Diver from HongKong
Ka Lok - member of the Diving Unit under HongKong Fire Protection Department, he is also a freelance Scuba Instructor and dedicated technical diver. Last April 2008 completed his PSAI Trimix Level III course and made his 100 meter deep dive in Puerto Galera with Simon and Wallace. And the CCR Rebreather trainings will be his new mile stones.
Li Kwan Yau - A firefighter in profession, “YAU” from HongKong is a role model for the PSAI Dive Team; Maintaining good physical fitness, no smoking, no alcoholic, continuous diving educations and training, well discipline and a team player. The 100 meter deep dive in his Trimix Level III certification is just one of the achievements, still more to come… Congrats and Welcome to Club 330.
Roger Ingebo- A Pelagian CCR Instructor from Sweden, he worked as full time instructor and under water videographer in Thailand for more than three years, but never had a change to dive deeper than 55 meters. He came to Philippines last September and joined La Laguna Dive Center teaching team. Now his dream come true and became a member of Club 330 by making 100 meter dive together with Simon last December 2007.
“Randy” Chun-Yu Chen - a freelance scuba instructor and Medical doctor in Profession from Taiwan, he took the PSAI Trimix Level I to III Diver courses from Simon and made his first deepest dive at a deep of 100 meter in Puerto Galera last January, holding the record of the first Taiwanese Deepest record diver in PG.
Shen Zheng “Eric”- PSAI Tech Dive Instructor from Shanghai. He started the AOW diver course with Simon last October 2005. In less than 2 years he became a CCR Trimix Level III Diver for KISS & Evolution. Eric has succeeded 5 deep dives into 100 meter with Simon.
Colin Mills- Business man from Thailand and PSAI CCR Level III diver certified by Frank Doyle Colin joined the PSAI Expedition Team and visited the M/V Princess of Orient by using his Inspiration Vision Rebreather
Mike Wells- A weekend traveler and executive of a multinational company He has successfully completed the PSAI CCR Trimix Level III diver course with Simon and recorded 2 dives deeper than 100 meter by using his Inspiration Vision Rebreather.
Zhang Lei “Leon”- A PSAI Instructor from Beijing, Leon took his Trimix Level III Diver course and made his first 100 meter dive last July here in Puerto Galera.
Daniel Li- A Tech Dive instructor and a PSAI Trimix Level III diver from Hong Kong, who made the 100 Meter deep dive in PG last April 2007.
Graeme Sanson A Instructor from UK who made his deepest dive to 100 meter in Puerto Galera together with his wife Jennifer, Eric and Simon in January this year..
Jennifer Will An Instructor from UK that holds the Deepest Female Diver record in Puerto Galera. She is dedicated to the technical diving and has proven that gender is not a hindrance.